ASR - A global coastal and marine consulting firm, is changing the way the world's coasts and oceans are managed.


Finding solutions from the natural world

ASR - Understand


Fostering creativity to turn the impossible into reality

ASR - Innovate


Dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment

ASR - Sustain

ASR, a global coastal and marine consulting firm, is changing the way the world’s coasts and oceans are managed.

ASR's core philosophy is to understand, innovate, and sustain. Our first step is to understand the natural processes governing a specific project site. After spending time developing an understanding of a system's natural design and function, we implement an innovative and sustainable solution for the project. This approach is always the same whether the challenge is coastal management, fluid transport, fisheries, engineering, or environmental impacts. We work with the world's top governments, corporations, and organizations to develop innovative solutions for complex issues around the globe.

ASR's thorough understanding of marine systems, science, and technology enables us to consider environmental and human health in everything we do. We are one of the few companies in the world developing innovative solutions that work in concert with the natural world, rather than against it. By developing technology inspired by nature, we strive to implement solutions that will satisfy the needs of all stakeholders, including our planet.