ASR - A Global Partner for the Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Resources

Ports and Harbors

ASR's scientists and engineers provide world-class services related to ports, harbors, reclamation, and other infrastructure and development projects.

ASR - Ports and Harbors ASR - Ports and Harbors ASR - Ports and Harbors ASR - Ports and Harbors ASR - Ports and Harbors

ASR's numerical modelers, oceanographers, and coastal ecologists provide the experience and tools needed to assess feasibility, environmental impacts, improvements, and design of coastal infrastructure and development projects. Whenever possible, we seek to work collaboratively with coastal developers and regulatory agencies to maximize the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of their projects.

ASR's dedicated team of coastal scientists carries out feasibility studies for coastal structures. Using our coastal science and engineering capabilities, we work to ensure that ports, harbors, and other coastal developments achieve their short and long-term goals. We carry out design studies for any scale of project, and leverage our multinational marine construction partners to facilitate implementation of our designs.

Our team also has extensive experience assessing sedimentation rates and corresponding maintenance dredging requirements.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Design studies
  • Dredge spoil disposal
  • Storm surge
  • Wave hindcasts/forecast
  • Shapes and layouts
  • Infragravity waves
  • Environmental impacts
  • Capital and maintenance dredging
  • Sedimentation in navigation channels
  • Best locations
  • Oil spills
  • Harbor seiching