ASR - A Global Partner for the Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Resources

Oil, Gas and Marine Energy

ASR provides comprehensive services to the marine oil, gas, and marine energy industry.

ASR - Oil, Gas and Marine Energy ASR - Oil, Gas and Marine Energy ASR - Oil, Gas and Marine Energy ASR - Oil, Gas and Marine Energy

Given the sensitivity and complexity of natural resource extraction in the marine environment, ASR's clients find it increasingly necessary to develop a detailed understanding and model of a potential oil spill during the stages of exploration, extraction, transportation, production, and delivery. ASR has a broad range of services that help minimize the hazardous effects of marine oil/gas extraction and oil spills. These services are available to our clients through a series of numerical modeling applications, metocean data analysis, ecological surveys, and fieldwork.

Using advanced hydrodynamic and dispersal modeling, advanced surveying techniques, and other scientific and engineering processes, ASR also helps clients involved in energy production and marine resource development maximize the effectiveness and environmental sustainability of their efforts.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preventative environmental impact analysis
  • Spill forecast and hindcast trajectory modeling
  • Emergency response oil spill modeling
  • Marine renewable energy assessments
  • Marine tailing dispersal analysis
  • Subsea resource extraction analysis
  • Extraction, transportation, and storage facilities
  • Post-spill environmental impacts and beaching
  • Metocean analysis
  • Wave energy feasibility and output
  • Offshore wind placement and impacts
  • Tidal energy feasibility