ASR - A Global Partner for the Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Resources

Ecology and Biology

ASR incorporates a perspective of ecological preservation into all types of marine, estuarine, and freshwater investigations.

ASR - Ecology and Biology ASR - Ecology and Biology ASR - Ecology and Biology

ASR's team of ecologists deploy scientific instruments, carry out ecological/biological surveys, and conduct other forms of fieldwork to understand ecological functions and assess the causes of ecological damage. ASR develops advanced numerical modeling techniques, ecological surveys, and other scientific analysis to understand the causes of this damage, and works with stakeholders to develop environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

General services related to ecology and biology include:

  • Biological monitoring, patterns, and processes
  • Underwater video and diver surveys
  • Marine habitat restoration
  • Ecological surveys and assessment
  • Water quality assessments
  • Baseline surveys
  • Larval dispersal
  • Estuarine and wetland habitat restoration
  • Up/downwelling
  • Marine protected areas